Improvements to Your Mobile Banking Experiences




We are making improvements to our Mobile App!

Improved Security:

We’ve fine-tuned the Reset Security Questions process to make it more intuitive.

Multiple check deposit prevention is now in place, respecting the RDC NS3Config setting and streamlining the process.

Bug Fixes:

We’ve fixed the Disappearing External Single Sign-On button so that it remains visible and functional.

We’ve ironed out the wrinkles in our Android location-based features, ensuring they work seamlessly as intended.

The mobile app will keep the drop-down menu visible to ensure members will initially see the default menu view.

Important iOS Fix:

We’ve taken action to address the “freezing” on the iOS pin code screen, which has caused the app to become unresponsive. This fix is currently being verified. If you experience this issue on version 23.11.0 or a later release, kindly alert the credit union.

The Mobile App interfaces with Online Banking, so you must be enrolled in Online Banking to use the app.  TO ENROLL IN ONLINE BANKING, CLICK HERE


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* Not compatible with Microsoft phones.

Loan rates, terms, and amount are subject to individual credit approval and requested financing amount.

Only Credit Union members are eligible for loans. The amount a member may borrow depends on the credit rating qualifications and guidelines established by the Board of Directors.

In most instances, the interest rates on Credit Union loans are lower than rates charged by other financial institutions. Compare the cost of a Credit Union loan to the total cost of other financing. There are no hidden cost or early payment penalties.

A member wishing to borrow must complete a loan application, which provides some of the information on which our loan officers base their decisions. Loan applications are available by calling or visiting the Main or Branch office.

The loan repayment period is based on the type of loan obtained and the collateral offered. Interest is computed daily on the unpaid balance. The amount of interest due when a payment is made depends on the number of days from the date of the loan or from the date of the last payment. Repayment through payroll deduction is encouraged and there is no pre-payment penalty..