Find Your Adventure with our Vehicle Loans! 






No matter how you get around, we have a competitive loan for your vehicle of choice.

Competitive Rates

with 100% financing of costs associated with your car purchase including tax, title and tags.  

Easy Payments

Pay your loans through payroll deduction or automatic transfer from another account.

No Payoff Penalty

Pay early with no prepayment penalty, and you pay interest only on the outstanding balance.

Shop Around

Shop at almost any dealership in the region or have it transferred through a dealership like Carmax,

* To apply for this loan in person with the Printed Application, please print, complete and sign.  Submit the application by by mail, fax, or deliver to one of our locations.  If you have questions, please call us for help at (901)377-8929.

Only Credit Union members are eligible for loans. The amount a member may borrow depends on the credit rating qualifications and guidelines established by the Board of Directors.

In most instances, the interest rates on Credit Union loans are lower than rates charged by other financial institutions. Compare the cost of a Credit Union loan to the total cost of other financing. There are no hidden cost or early payment penalties.

A member wishing to borrow must complete a loan application, which provides some of the information on which our loan officers base their decisions. Loan applications are available by calling or visiting the Main or Branch office.

The loan repayment period is based on the type of loan obtained and the collateral offered. Interest is computed daily on the unpaid balance. The amount of interest due when a payment is made depends on the number of days from the date of the loan or from the date of the last payment. Repayment through payroll deduction is encouraged and there is no pre-payment penalty..